Blizzfull 5.49 Release Notes

Loyalty Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
May 24, 2022
  • Fixed account redirect when you go directly to and log in (it now redirects you back to - mainly for facebook
  • Added full account deletion - for privacy regulation purposes
  • Fully delete media in menu/delete
  • Added accept functionality to orders api
  • Add isTax flag to extraCharges which is key when using extra charge as a tax (bag tax, alc tax) for bookkeeping
  • Fixeds some extra charge percentage calculation bugs. Now using bcdiv and bcmul to calculate percentages
  • Fixed several bugs related to loyalty redemption restrictions and cleared up some confusion. There are now 2 options: "Can be redeemed alongside other loyalty items" and "Can be redeemed multiple times on the same order". If the first option is turned off, the 2nd option is automatically turned off and hidden. Additionally, all loyalty item types are applicable by these restrictions, whereas only the "Discount" type was applicable before.
  • Added global "Loyalty Exclusivity" flag in the Loyalty Settings section. This global flag provides a convenient way to prevent multiple loyalty item redemptions in 1 click.
  • Added color coding to future order week days in fax and email receipt template.
  • Improved how relative time is displayed in customer email receipt
  • Added functionality to only display specific categories in Blizzfulls static menu system ( e.g. ?specificCategories=pasta,burgers,pizza . Useful for restaurants who may want to use QR codes in specific areas of their restaurant (like a bar)
  • Full Delivery Courier price editing functionality. Courier pricing can now be edited in both Super and partner portals. Also added payout fields so separate pricing can be defined for the restaurant and the courier partner.
  • Partner portal delivery courier price editing only allows modification of the restaurant pricing, payout pricing will be automatically changed to match it.
  • Added price lock flag to delivery couriers where blizzfull does not want to allow external price modification (by partners). Used for couriers like doordash, uber eats, etc.
  • Enforced delivery payout pricing - system will not allow payout pricing to be more than restaurant pricing, as this would result in a net loss to Blizzfull
  • Added "extra charge / service fee" diff in partner sales reports. Partners who rely on Blizzfull for their own accounting and billing can use this field for determining the remaining about to bill.
  • Now providing extra charge data in sales report
  • Fixed a bug where delayedTime was being set as "NaN" and causing the ordering flow to break.
  • Fixed some media bugs during restaurant cloning/copying
  • Fixed delivery courier fee reporting to quickbooks
  • Full ACH billing overhaul - Restaurants can now be charged via ACH, but the invoice is not paid right away. Since ACH requires 2-3 day confirmation, we instead create an ACH payment queue which periodically checks for unconfirmed ACH transactions. Once the ACH transaction is confirmed the invoice is paid and accounting is notified.
  • Added Secondary payment field to restaurant billing which allows Blizzfull to store both credit card and ACH payments.
  • Adjusted how invoice payments are handled which will allow for more dynamic payments in the future (including confirmed ACH payments)
  • Added ACH payment type display in invoice viewer. Also showing unconfirmed ACH payments.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to canceling a courier delivery stemming from multiple different courier types being used in the same order (i.e. doordash and 20eats)
  • Fixed bugs related to partner creation
  • Added gateway prefix to cardconnect ACH module
  • Fixes to cardconnect ACH module - also added ACH confirmation method
  • Added delivery courier statement rendering. Used to pay affiliate couriers like Simple Life and Ruffkatz
  • Some fixes to login redirects
  • Added courier list (as a config) for providing the courier name in the order data. Used mainly by 4soft
  • Quickbooks fixes related to improper number formating
  • Added "currency" data type to MySQLActiveRecordTwo models
  • Improved error handling when approving Payouts with inapplicable payout deductions.
  • Very important fixes to how gift cards are calculated in sales and payouts. They were being double counted before (on purchase and on use). They are now only being counted on purchase.
  • Displaying gift card usage in sale reports
  • Displaying gift card payments in payout statment
  • Fixed bugs related to category schedules. Parent category schedules were not being respected ordering from child categories.
  • Fixed some coupon caching issues.
  • Now tracking restaurant charge failures. After a certain number of charge failures, the billing system will automatically convert to payout deductions.
  • Privacy policy update
  • Habitat/First Delivery API fix to special instructions
  • Better google maps API error handling
  • Changed some front-end text to reduce the change of browser autocompletion
  • Fix to clover menu sync where clover has more than 1000 items
  • Added Zone display to order view in dashboard
  • Fixes to how order model handles coupon applies which improves the customer order flow.
  • (Development) Added switchdevopen script to easily change to an open domain for external testing

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