Blizzfull 5.49a Release Notes

Hubs & Fivestars Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Jun 1, 2022
  • Launched Fivestars Loyalty Integration MVP
  • Launched Blizzfull Hubs
  • Added general Blizzfull media object to allow non-specific media uploads across the platform
  • Added Hub editor to Partner Portal
  • Extra charges bug fixes
  • Improved email sanitation to reduce sendgrid errors
  • Added sanitation to email in user create
  • Fixed how Bank accounts are displayed in Super and Partner Portal. Now only returning last 4 of account number
  • Clear out submerchant onboarding JSON from action log
  • Clear out CC and ACH numbers on payment form upon submission
  • hard saving invoices in payFor, which prevents invoices from not recording payment if a script is canceled unexpectedly
  • added invoiceID and partnerID to invoice card/ach processing data
  • Added QB check on invoice payment to confirm the invoice has already been created on QB, otherwise create it
  • Several misc billing fixes
  • Partner portal styling overhaul
  • Partner portal permissions overhaul
  • Added user creation to partner portal
  • Partner portal UI tweaks
  • Fixed a dashboard bug where live order alert clicks would pass through to the elements beneath
  • Fixed busy mode issue where restaurants busy mode times were set to 0
  • Fixed dynamic descriptors bug stemming from restaurants with malformed names or names with unusual chars

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