Blizzfull 5.50 Release Notes

Future Orders & Partner Onboarding Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Jun 22, 2022
  • Added ability to edit loyalty item coupons in loyalty item editor
    • You can now build highly specialized loyalty items using all the options afforded to the coupons editor.
  • Added the ability to disable future orders
  • Improved alerts regarding future order timing
  • We now respect the order types prep time when auto-setting future orders (orders that are created within 15 minutes of opening time)
  • Fixed several bugs related to stock photo searching
  • Fivestars loyalty integration will now automatically recognize and activate simple loyalty configurations like flat discounts and simple % discounts
  • Fixed a bug related to loyalty points being calculated against extra charges
  • Cafe website template fixes
  • Removed access_token from clover URL params (required by Clover)
  • Launched VGS Gateway integration
  • Now collecting phone upon initial registration (does not apply to Social Media logins)

For Partners

  • Several bug fixes on Hubs Hubs should now be fully functional for partners.
  • Added initial Google Merchants feed integration
  • Added per-partner Feature filtering
  • Built a completely new onboarding flow, allowing partners to create restaurants and install every type on of integration in a single form.
    • Automatically email customers with instructions on how to install OAuth-based integrations (Clover, Sumup, etc)
    • Automatically email customers their dashboard credentials after onboarding
  • Built functionality to allow partial payments on partner invoices


  • Added stock photo management improvements to the dashboard (Edit, delete) for super users
  • Launched Google Food Ordering platform basic integration
  • Refactored how loyalty providers are instantiated and sycned in the restaurant model to be more modular
  • Added hardDelete method to restaurant model
  • Improved JSON body support added to base controller class

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