Blizzfull 5.51 Release Notes

SMS Notifications & Order Type Restrictions Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Jun 29, 2022

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Added SMS on order event functionality. Restaurants can now opt-in to send texts at various points of the order flow: submitted, confirmed, ready.
  • $10/month to activate + $.02 per text (max $.06 per order)
  • URL shortened tracking link is sent to customer on "submitted" text notification
  • SMS notifications can be toggled on in the Order Notifications section of the merchant dashboard.
  • Added some verbiage beneath phone input in checkout page instructing customer to provide a valid, textable phone number
  • Changed "Delivered?" term to "On its way?" in the live orders section of the dashboard.
  • Added Order type restrictions to menu items. Merchants can now set a menu item as only being available for a specific order type (take-out, delivery)
  • Added verbiage in menu indicating that an item is only available for a certain order type
  • Added event case for when order is set to "Ready", which prompts sending a text (if its enabled) but will also allow us to send an email in the future as well
  • Fixed some rare phone number formatting issues on menus
  • Added POS synchronization functionality (Beta, does not work for 4Soft yet)
  • Pos integrations can be set as the "Source of Truth" in the
  • Added SumUp POS Integration (Alpha)
  • Implemented a new login UI for merchant dashboard
  • Added forgot password functionality to merchant dashboard
  • Disable Online Ordering was not working properly on websites. This was fixed.

For Partners

  • Fixed some bugs related to managing partners not being able to see customers or orders connected to their partner restaurants

Other/Dev Notes

  • added new Localization class to be used extensively
  • also added en_US locale and modified startup scripts to initialize localization and create convenient _l() wrapper method
  • Billing + accounting fixes for smsFees
  • Stopped bundling otherServiceFees (fax+sms) into serviceFees, which is better for accounting + readability
  • Added TimeUtilityFunctions lib
  • Trim fivestars store ID input (Fixes a bug that Fivestars was having when creating new merchants)

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