Blizzfull 5.52 Release Notes

Security and Integrations Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Jul 28, 2022

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Added new Point-of-sale Integrations
  • JKSoft
  • Added new Payment Processor Integrations
  • Worldnet
  • Fixed several bugs related to VGS payment processing
  • Fixed a bug related to loyalty items and order type restrictions
  • Fixed some minor bugs in Automated Marketing segments
  • Improved throttling for checkout brute force attacks. Also added improved Security logging and threshold notifications.
  • Fixed a bug related to Cafe theme text sections
  • Significantly improved test mode handling for payment processors
  • Changed confirm order dialog verbage to say "Estimated Courier Pick-up time" for email-based couriers
  • Fixed a bug related to rounding errors on extra charges

For Partners

  • Added global partner courier billing functionality which will generate courier invoices for all of a partners restaurants and allow the partner to pay the invoice rather than the individual restaurants
  • Several fixes to per-restaurant courier management in the partner portal
  • Fixed service fee formatting in restaurant view summary
  • Fixed bugs related to view API User/Token details in partner portal
  • Added full POS sync functionality to the initial onboarding process.
  • Custom features are no longer permitted
  • Added login tokenization for hubs which prevents a number of strict login-related issues within native apps and brings back "Login with Google"

Other/Dev Notes

  • Significant refactoring to how order list poling was being done in relation to POS integrations. It is now much more decoupled and elegant.
  • Allow Dashboard login page to not have any branding for non branded dashboard apps.
  • Added partner portal login from supervisor
  • Warning added when adding custom features through supervisor

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