Blizzfull 5.54 Release Notes

Fraud Prevention (Watchtower) Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Aug 24, 2022

Blizzfull 5.54 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Added an additional opt-in layer of active fraud prevention: Watchtower.
    • Watchtower bootstraps off our existing proprietary passive fraud detection system "Flare" to actively identify suspected fraud and engage with the customer to confirm their identity
    • Suspected fraud orders will now be held in a "Pending" state while they await verification with the customer
    • Suspected customers are fully informed of the reasons for verification from multiple endpoints: Text, Web and Email
  • Fixes to percentage-based Extra charges
  • Grubhub menu import fixed
  • Worldnet Payment Integration error handling fixes
  • JKSoft POS integration fixes
  • Account view fixes for Uno (unified menu) theme
  • Several fixes related to polling on post submission order screen

For Partners

  • Added force_min and force_max to menu sync functionality
  • Added images to menu sync functionality
  • Fixes to our automatic courier partner statement system
  • "Managing" partners can now see their restaurants in their partner portal
  • Fixed permissions on Partner navbar so that sales data endpoints are now available.

Other/Dev Notes

  • Added ability to force verify Watchtower flagged orders through blizzfull & partner supervisor panel
  • Minor fixes to localization class
  • Added new API Framework which lays the groundwork for a more comprehensive orders API in the near future.

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