Blizzfull 5.55 Release Notes

Uber Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Sep 29, 2022

Blizzfull 5.55 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Chowly integration has been completed. Includes automatic menu synchronization when changes are published from the Chowly dashboard. When orders are confirmed on the Chowly side we will confirm the order on the Blizzfull side.
  • Several SumUp bug fixes and improvements have been made.
  • Added Uber Delivery integration
  • Increases courier delivery radius to 10 miles!
  • Added Uno theme to the theme dropdown in the dashboard (Uno theme is in Alpha and should not be used)
  • Unified menu changes:
    • Changed login buttons to be full width and above the login form
    • Fixed category/subcategory headers to use theme font
    • Added in SEO metadata from desktop
    • Added category images
    • Fixed future time dialog for disabled orders
    • Fixed a bug where the loading view would not show up on subsequent display
    • Fixed a bug in the password reset flow
  • Added significantly more logging to dashboard actions
  • Manual Watchtower verifications now inform the customer they’ve been validated
  • Improved Watchtower proxy/VPN detection functionality
  • Items restricted to the order type of take-out will also be available for dine-in

For Partners

  • Trusted flag was added to prevent specified customers from triggering fraud checks.
  • Fixed a caching issue on cuisines for partner hubs where cuisines would not show up.
  • Improved rendering of partner delivery invoices
  • Pos Pizza Synchronization will ignore category images now

Other/Dev Notes

  • Added the ability to unlock certain parts of the synchronization process for certain source of truth providers.
  • Added the ability to hide certain legacy POS integrations.
  • Improved how logs are displayed in supervisor panel
  • Added Watchtower toggle to Supervisor restaurant profile.
  • Several fixes to courier invoicing
  • Improved Watchtower SMS reply basic validation
  • Added ability to completely delete restaurants
  • Added complete courier unit testing suite

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