Blizzfull 5.56 Release Notes

API And Uno Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Oct 20, 2022

Blizzfull 5.56 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Added option to display prep times for take-out & delivery (off by default)
    • Busy mode times are now implicitly shown in prep times
  • Added new test order flow. Test orders can now be created individually from within the restaurant dashboard without needing to turn on the "Test mode" global option
  • Restored ability to save custom items for new Uno theme
  • Seval misc fixes to Uno theme
  • We now automatically detect and resolve issues with Payment processing merchant account suspensions
  • Fixed a coupon analytics calculation bug related to percentage based coupons
  • Several major courier bug fixes related to address parsing and formatting
  • Fixed social login buttons for website logins
  • Cafe website updates to icons & maps section

For Partners

  • Added restaurants API for creating and querying restaurants
  • Fixes to hub restaurant search
  • Updated courier support numbers
  • Added Developer portal to Blizzfull main site
    • Includes API documentation page with built-in sandbox
    • Includes Service status page
    • Direct link to patch notes

Other/Dev Notes

  • Several logging fixes
  • Standardized API responses to be all in json format, including error responses.
  • Improved courier API unit testing framework
  • GFO updates
  • Fixed and launched automated courier billing
  • Added new partners to Blizzfull main site
  • Added improved testMode framework to POS modules

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