Blizzfull 5.57 Release Notes

Uno & Menu Sync Improvements

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Dec 8, 2022

Blizzfull 5.57 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Added ability to enable "Required" for Single-select option sets, which forces the user to make a selection.
  • Uno is now the default e-commerce theme for all newly created restaurants.
  • Several important fixes to navigation/routing for the Uno theme
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the item customizer from opening for the same item more than once.
    • Fixed history management which allows for much more intuitive browning use the browsers built-in backwards and forward actions
    • Fixed a bug related to customizer closing to a blank screen
  • Fixed a longstanding issue related to size price overrides for individual option items which prevented a value of -1 from working specifically.
  • Fixed the order totals not updating after a menu item update for the uno theme in mobile view.
  • Fixed a major bug related to direct login (not social logins) within the uno theme which was causing customers to lose their cart after logging in
  • Fixed redirect issue on the uno theme which was not redirecting them to checkout after direct login.
  • Fixed a Clover connection issue that was caused when a user was already logged in
  • Fixed Doordash to support more obscure addresses (e.g. 123 Ave 50)
  • Fixed an issue on the menu item customizer where dictated text was not being saved for the special instructions field
  • Fixed an uncommon order-of-operations dialog issue for uno theme
  • Fixed an issue on the user account management page that was breaking on native ordering apps
  • Fixed a bug where group ordering was still enabled even after disabling it from the merchant dashboard
  • Adjusted the Chowly integration to put categories at the top level if there is only one menu.
  • Fixed the Gloria Food Importer to now use their official API.

For Partners

  • Added ability for "managing" partners to view API keys within their partner portal.
  • Added a feature that allows for disabling certain parts of the merchant dashboard for partners.
  • Fixed some bugs in the menu synchronization module:
    • Category and Menu Item active field was not synchronizing
    • Labels were sometimes not synchronizing
    • Certain parts of the dashboard were not properly being disabled
  • Added some features to the synchronization module:
    • Size prices for options can be set
    • Max units can be set for numeric option types
    • Max combined units can be set on an option group at the menu item level
  • Added a field to the Import external POS menu api 'enforceSyncCompatibility' which allows for preventing synchronization if there are backwards incompatible changes to the sync api in the future (This is useful for POS providers that deploy static builds to merchant devices)
  • Added specific error codes to the Import external POS menu api that disambiguates the cause for a failed api call
  • Fixed an issue where some images could not be imported due to a specific image encoding

Other/Dev Notes

  • Added a robust backend event listening system
  • Fixed long-standing issues related to returning status codes from controllers using the wrong object context

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