Blizzfull 5.59 Release Notes

Courier Auto-select

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Feb 22, 2023

Blizzfull 5.59 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Added Courier "Auto-select" functionality which allows restaurants to use multiple couriers at once. The new feature will select the best available courier from your active courier pool using metrics such as pre-defined priority, availability, outages, range and more.
  • Added much improved courier select UI within Zone editor.
  • Major fix to how discounts are sent to Clover for custom inventory orders, which resolves a number of partial payment issues
  • Added "ALWAYS_REQUIRES_AVS" flag to Payment Processors, which are set to true for both USAEPay & This addresses reconciliation issues for these gateways.
  • Added notification system to Menu item reviews and engagements for website themes that support them. Owners will now receive email notifications whenever a customer likes/loves or reviews their menu items
  • Improved AI-driven review moderation system using newer AI language models.
  • Fixed a icon display issue for Sharing menu items on websites

For Partners

  • Added Extra Notes prefix to Sumup integration order injection
  • Fix to JKSoft integration which adds a time threshold on orders of up to 2 days preventing it from polling mass orders from the beginning of time

Other/Dev Notes

  • Added _orderID to restaurant/prime template for easier debugging reference
  • Added support for column prefixes on defined types
  • Added significantly improved tax reporting system for 1099 accounting
  • Added ability to generate API keys within super and for partners to view them

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