Blizzfull 5.60 Release Notes

Accounting System Overhaul

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Mar 30, 2023

Blizzfull 5.60 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Complete Accounting System Overhaul. Opens up fully payment facilitation functionality (Blizzfull Payments coming soon). Also drastically improves efficiency and reliability of current payouts flow.
  • Several fixes to how loyalty redemptions are displayed in all themes
  • Uno theme styling fixes
  • Several misc fixes

For Partners

  • As part of new accounting system, we have created payment party functionality which allows you to discreetly assign billing resources (fees, features, deliveries, etc) to either merchants or partners.

Other/Dev Notes

  • Added restaurant creation to Blizzfull API
  • Added restaurant JSON schema
  • Several major quickbooks integration improvements/fixes
  • Added CLIBridge

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