Blizzfull 5.61 Release Notes

Otter & Kiosk Release

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Apr 26, 2023

Blizzfull 5.61 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Complete Kiosk Functionality Added (Soft rollout, see notes)
  • Added ChatGPT AI-assisted Menu item description generation
  • Added Device Management System for Kiosks and Payment Terminals
  • Added Phone number logins (currently only available on Kiosk)
  • Vastly improved Dashboard reports section
    • Added history
    • Added more filters
    • Fixed several sorting issues
    • Added tip and delivery fee breakdowns (In-House vs 3rd party)
  • Added Improved Courier Reports
  • Updated payout statements to include a link to the new courier reports section for the courier breakdown
  • Invoice page under billing was only showing payouts previously. This has been fixed.
  • Early Alpha Otter rollout (Not for general use, see notes)
  • Added Card Present Support
  • Added support for Fivestars Pegasus device as Card Present payment terminal
  • Added Print on Confirm functionality to JKSoft POS integration
  • Important fix to date selector in dashboard which would incorrectly select the wrong dates when selecting "Month" timeframes

For Partners

  • Early Alpha Otter rollout (Not for general use, see notes)
  • Added Complete Commissions System
  • Fixed several bugs

Other/Dev Notes

  • Created OrderMediator for more elegant order management outside of a controller
  • Created LoginManager for more elegant login management outside of a controller
  • Added ability to run commissions across bulk invoices based on a date
  • Added ability to clear commissions from a commission sheet through an invoice
  • Kiosk rollout will be with a few select merchants and then will be opened up to general use when kiosks stabilize.

    Kiosks involve a few week timeline for physical device shipment.Kiosks will require minimal additional setup, as we use the current menu categories and items.

    Contact sales for Kiosk pricing or if you are interested in early adoption.

  • Otter rollout will be with one specific merchant and will be tested until stable. We will then roll out with 10 more merchants. Once that is stable we will roll out for general use.

    The Otter implementation will use Otter as the menu source of truth. Any orders done through Blizzfull will be sent to Otter.

    Otter will not be used as an aggregator for Blizzfull (Orders will not come from Otter to the Blizzfull platform at this time)

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