ADA Compliant Online Ordering

Automated accessibility solutions for your restaurant website

We use artificial intelligence that scans, analyzes and understands all the elements that make up our websites and the roles of each of them to translate them in an accessible way for people with different abilities. We've also partnered with to provide a robust accessibility widget which allows each user to customize how our sites are displayed to them.

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ADA Compliant Websites for people with motor limitations

People with motor limitations

We provide customers with different motor skills the ability to navigate your website by using the keyboard simply and effectively.

People with blindness

Our online ordering sites and systems use innovative technology compatible with screen readers. We Leverage AI-based image recognition technology, to provide improved context for images. This allows people with blindness to enjoy placing orders in your restaurant.

Accessible Restaurant Websites for people with blindness
Accessible Restaurant Ordering for people with cognitive limitations

Elderly people and people with cognitive limitations

Three reading speeds, different typography sizes, spacing customization and readability return to your friendly website for seniors and people with different levels of understanding.

People with epilepsy

We offer the possibility of adapting our websites so that they can be safe for those clients who suffer from epilepsy. With a single click it is possible to stop all the animations to build the confidence of this type of users in the safe internet browsing.

Website adjustments for people with epilepsy
Website adjustments for people with epilepsy

People with visual impairments

Color and typography adjustments, large cursors and eye-catching elements allow people with different visual abilities to easily process all elements of the website with the aim of unlimited access to all options.

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