Blizzfull 5.53 Release Notes

Unified Menu Beta Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Aug 11, 2022

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Launched new unified menu theme for desktop and mobile for live beta testing. Can be applied to restaurants on a case-by-case opt-in basis
    • This will ultimately become the default menu theme for all restaurants
    • This is also the starting point for eventually having fully embedded menus (i.e. inside restaurant websites)
  • Slightly loosened checkout throttling
  • Fixed a bug related to account deletion that could possibly happy multiple times
  • Fixed a longstanding google maps issue related on the post order submission screen when the restaurant's address was malformed

For Partners

  • Added json schema validation for our menu standard format for more reliable menu importing via our API.
  • Added automated courier payment and billing system.
  • Automatically pays blizzfull courier partners based on preset payout settings
  • Automatically invoices partners who are using blizzfull couriers with a multi-merchant global invoice
  • Added a convenience endpoint for viewing courier statements (for couriers)
  • Improved feature filtering for partners
  • Minor bug fixes to payment integration
  • Minor bug fixes to VGS payment integration
  • Added partner context recognition to register endpoint (i.e welcome emails are now sent from the partner, not blizzfull)
  • Fixes to restaurant onboarding and menu sync, including much better image support

Other/Dev Notes

  • Fixed a SSL/443 issue stemming from server configs for certain sites/hubs
  • Added a schemaTest endpoint for testing any json against any predefined blizzfull schema.
  • Automatic restaurant id recognition on API user for all api endpoints
  • Changed all native json responses to provide the content-type header of application/json instead of text/plain

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