Blizzfull 5.58 Release Notes

Holiday Cleanup Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Jan 18, 2023

Blizzfull 5.58 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Unified Menu Theme
    • Fixed a bug where checkout totals would duplicate in certain scenarios
    • Fixed a bug where checkout totals would not update in certain scenarios
    • Prevent adding an item to an order multiple times
    • Added accessibility widget to mobile and desktop
  • POS Synchronization System: Several bugfixes and stability improvements

    • Fixed a bug in Chowly synchronization that would sometimes duplicate option items
    • Fixed a bug in Chowly related to size importing
    • Fixed a bug where category active state was not being updated
    • Implemented max_selections for options import format
    • Added a fix for Clover that allows for importing up to 1000 modifiers
    • Fixed a longstanding bug with single select options that do not have the first item set as the default
    • Added future order time into order notes for SumUp integration
  • Added TikTok as a social network link in websites

  • Added an option to change action button color in Cafe Website Theme
  • Added option to darken gallery images in Cafe Website Theme
  • Fixed missing images in the dashboard credentials email
  • Made some improvements to Google Food Ordering implementation
  • Fixed an issue with loyalty coupon prompt where the wrong coupon type was being shown
  • Added the ability to disable popular items category on menus
  • Fixed dashboard preview for Uno menu theme that was showing the menu in embedded mode instead of standalone mode
  • Changed Paypal button text to be "Paypal" instead of "Paypal / Venmo" and updated the icon
  • Fixed a bug where disabling group ordering was not working properly

For Partners

  • Action log page was not working properly and has been fixed
  • Secure site feature was fixed
  • Added disable Google Food Ordering option to partner portal
  • Implemented USAePay merchant gateway

Other/Dev Notes

  • Added accounting user type support for blizzfull super
  • Universal conversion tracking/attribution system, starting with GFO

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