Blizzfull 5.62 Release Notes

Summer Update

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Jul 12, 2023

Blizzfull 5.62 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Live Orders Map: A map based live orders screen for delivery centric merchants. View and confirm delivery orders and assign local drivers.
  • External Analytics: You can now use Google GTag or Facebook Pixel to track analytics for pageviews and ad conversion tracking. Visit Marketing -> Analytics Providers to get started. Your external analytics will be enabled for your website and for the ordering page
  • Action Log: Added a new page under Advanced -> Action Log to display a log of various changes that were made to the menu and other settings. This is only accessible by Admin users.
  • Sync Features: Added ability to change pos sync features via the pos settings dialog. Enable or disable certain parts of the menu from being synchronized when the POS integration is set as the Source of Truth.
  • Live Orders Delivery Map: Now you can see your delivery orders on a map and assign them to drivers. This feature is useful for merchants that manage their own delivery fleet.
  • Flare & Watchtower Improvements:
    • Added new detection mechanisms and improved existing ones
    • Added ability to set a fraud risk threshold
  • Added fake account creation detection.
  • Added "Future Send" functionality for all POS push integrations. This will only send the order to the POS within 50 minutes of the order ready time, rather than right away.
  • Added BlizzfullPay/Payrix Gateway Integration
  • Added UI to edit Kiosk theme settings and images
  • Added the ability to adjust the order time in the adjust order dialog
  • Added more accessible delivery, refund and TOS policy links
  • Added an image upload input for locations
  • Added an alcohol check that detects alcoholic menu items and prompts to set the alcoholic feature to enabled. This is important to ensure alcoholic items are always marked as such
  • Refactored & centralized Payment Gateway module loading to improve performance, reliability and most importantly, security.
  • Made a number of UX changes to kiosk login to prevent customers from logging in and out with multiple phone numbers which were causing order issues.
  • Improvements to connection/error tolerances on Fivestars Terminal API payments for Kiosk.
  • Misc Bugfixes:
    • Fixed a bug in Cafe theme that, in a rare case would display a wrong price
    • Fixed a bug in Kiosk where an order could get into a bad state

For Partners

  • Fixed some issues with the initial Otter integration test

Other/Dev Notes

  • QB Integration fixes related to duplicate names
  • Fixes to clover login to reduce unnecessary error logging
  • Added policy embed system

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