Blizzfull 5.63 Release Notes

Payment Updates

Blizzfull Engineering Team
Oct 18, 2023

Blizzfull 5.63 Release Notes

For Merchants + Merchant Customers

  • Added Paypal direct merchant connection functionality
  • Through our new partnership with paypal, merchants may now connect their own paypal accounts to the blizzfull platform for immediate payment
  • Added BlizzfullPay card present functionality, which is primarily applicable to our kiosk solutions.
  • Added improved code editing ui for custom css and javascript in the website and menu builders.
  • Fixed a bug where canceled courier deliveries were showing in the order/courier report
  • Added "Future Send" functionality to POS integrations which will only send orders when near ready time
  • Added optional Clover Print API support
  • Fixed a bug regarding reconciling paypal orders
  • Added custom page functionality to Cafe theme. Add your own pages with full section support!
  • Added global checkout routing which allows for important payment functionality like applepay/googlepay

For Partners

  • Added merchant store hour import to the restaurant importer.
  • Added functionality for Chowly to sync menu hours to store hours.
  • Fixed a core onboarding bug that affected new Otter onboards.

Other/Dev Notes

  • Action log updates to exclude some unnecessary data
  • Reworked how transaction split payments are recorded for better accounting
  • Add Fee matrix for expanded fee tracking
  • Invoice line items can now be paid in partial amounts.
  • Added original fee amount to payout deduction to be displayed on payout statements (in the event of partial payout deductions)
  • Changed "standard payment" eligibility to 5 days from 3
  • Added safe IP checks to order blocks to prevent blocking broadly used community ips like mobile phone ips
  • Added credit memo support

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